Bethany Lucas Pilates
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Classes & Sessions



7 - 8pm

8:10 - 9:10pm

Pregnancy Pilates (suitable from 14 weeks)
Warren Road School, BR6 6JF

Next ten week courses from - Jan, April & Sept 2016
Ten & five week block bookings available.

Warren Road School, BR6 6JF
Ten week course - £80
Next ten week courses from - Jan, April & Sept 2016



9:35 - 10:35am


6:50 - 7:50pm

8 - 9pm

Pratts Bottom Village Hall, Norsted Lane, BR6 7PQ

Pratts Bottom Village Hall, Norsted Lane, BR6 7PQ

Chelsfield Methodist Church Hall, Windsor Drive, BR6 6HD

Chelsfield Methodist Church Hall


8:20 - 9:20pm

Chelsfield Methodist Church Hall



9:35 - 10:35am



Chelsfield Methodist Church Hall

Chelsfield Methodist Church Hall

Post Natal Pilates (babies welcome - suitable following GP sign off at 6+ weeks)
Chelsfield Methodist Church Hall

Private tuition sessions are held during the day and throughout the week, Monday-Friday.

Please contact me regarding further information, bookings and availability or visit my Facebook page.
Group classesAll classes are matwork based, held weekly and run half termly, for a six or seven week course. Payment is made in advance or at the first class. Booking and registration required.

Classes are mixed ability, age and gender and are limited to 12 class members, to ensure imperative class observation and individual assistance/adaption, where necessary.

Classes and private sessions include the use of small equipment (dynaband, mini ball, weighted ball, stability ball, magic circle or foam roller) at intervals throughout the course to assist or add challenge to the movements.

I provide all small equipment and can also provide class mats, if required.

If you find that you are unable to attend a class date within your course block, there is the option to switch to one of my other classes, subject to place availability. Classes are made up within the same or the following week and must be completed within the same course.

Additional group classes are planned for the near future, please contact me to register your interest or if you would like any further class information.
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PrivatePrivate sessions are thoroughly tailored to suit your individual goals and needs and are ideal if you are recovering from injury or illness, unable to attend a group class or as an introduction to the principles of Pilates, prior to joining a class.

One to one, couple and small group sessions are available. Held in the comfort of your own home, home gym or office, your first one to one session will commence with a postural analysis and discussion of your aims and objectives to enable thorough tailoring of your sessions.

Private tuition sessions are generally held during the day and throughout the week, Monday-Friday. Please contact me to discuss your requirements further.
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Pre & Post NatalPilates can be exceptionally beneficial during pregnancy and post natal recovery, helping to support and enhance this very important time in your life. You can start practising Pilates from 14 weeks onwards providing you have been approved to start or continue Pilates at your 12 week midwife check.

Pregnancy and post natal one to one sessions are tailored to your specific needs, giving you time to focus on yourself and your baby, helping you to improve your pregnancy posture, maintain fitness levels, prepare your body for the delivery and stay relaxed and well.

Some of the benefits of Pre & Post Natal Pilates are:

• improved posture and prevention of back pain
• improved circulation, strength & mobility
• maintenance of fitness levels
• increased body awareness
• can help to decrease feelings of fatigue, stress and anxiety
• preparing the body for delivery and beyond – especially focus on pelvic floor exercises and breathing practice
• faster post natal recovery.

Pre & Post Natal private sessions are available on a one to one, two to one or small group basis. A great opportunity to gather together your NCT friends for a Pre/Post Natal Pilates session.

Pre & Post Natal classes are a wonderful way to prepare, soothe and restore your body at a very important time in your life, as well as meet other local Mums/to-be who are going through the same.

Please contact me if you have any questions, would like further information or to register your interest in a Pre or Post Natal class or private session.
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Pilates reformerReformer sessions are currently offered on a one to one basis, at your home or home gym.

The Reformer is one of the most well known pieces of Pilates studio equipment, with an excellent reputation for producing results. Used correctly, the Reformer can deliver great benefits such as increased strength, length, flexibility and balance. The Reformer machine consists of a series of springs, straps, pulleys and a gliding platform, enabling the user to perform impact free resistance exercises in a lying, sitting, kneeling or standing position. Due to its soft raised platform and range of resistance levels, the Reformer also provides a gentle and supportive environment for rehabilitation.

Pilates Reformer sessions will be expanding in the coming months. Please contact me for further information.
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“The Bethany Lucas Pilates course is the best Pilates class I have ever experienced.” Dorota Tsatsaris“Bethany's planning of the sessions have ensured that I always achieve the maximum benefit out of each session and her encouragement throughout has meant I have reached levels that I thought were unachievable.” Tracey Harvey"I really enjoyed Bethany's Pilates classes throughout my pregnancy. She had planned adaptations for each exercise so that I could safely take part in the whole class. Bethany also brought along additional mats and a Pilates ball so that I would be comfortable. I noticed a real improvement in my posture and lower back strength. I would highly recommend her classes to others."   Fran Erwes
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